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Lifetime Warranty

 YourCellParts Lifetime Warranty



Lifetime Warranty Details

Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our sales team.

YOURCELLPARTS.COM is only responsible for products that are defective or damaged upon receipt by the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to test all parts that have been ordered once item has been received.

YOURCELLPARTS.COM warrants any product sold by YOURCELLPARTS.COM with a manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the product, and will repair or replace the product at no charge or issue store credit for the fair market value to the product at the time of return or the value of the product at the of purchase, whichever is lower at the time of return. YOURCELLPARTS.COM reserves the right to elect whether it will provide store credit for the returning item, or replace or repair the returning item.

YOURCELLPARTS.COM will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale, use, or transit of any item purchased from us.

YOURCELLPARTS.COM is not liable for any missing parcels and packages. YOURCELLPARTS.COM does not guarantee the full reimbursement of monetary value for lost items. Influences on decision for actions taken will solely depend on policies and regulations given by shipping carrier; policies and regulations vary between carriers.